V9 Collective’s vocalist tells a story with latest track!

We’re still loving the JULY StepFWD UK Christian Chart Number 1: V9 Collective’s ‘Make Me Happy’ and its exciting to see where they are going!

The V9 collective are a group that we really feel are amazing! Reaching Number 1 in JULY StepFWD UK Christian Chart was impressive, as ‘Make Me Happy’ was their first single to be entered in the chart.

In a recent review of their Premier Unsigned Live and Close Up events (thesounddoctrine.co.uk) said,

“V9 Collective is a group that excels when they’re performing live. And it’s in intimate venues like these where they’re able to connect with the audience. We’ve been to some humongous shows this year but this is different. When you create an atmosphere like you’re able to create at this type of show, you just wish you could bottle it and keep it”.

Check out the full V9 Collective review on thesounddoctrine.co.uk and you can listen back to their Step FWD UK Christian Chart JULY Number 1 single – ‘Make me Happy’ above!

Josh de Thierry

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