US artist Marz releases ‘Vapour’ featuring UK Singer J Williams & Shiwan

Sought after UK singer J. Williams features on new track ‘Vapours’ from US based artist Marz aka Trentchordz. The track also features another US musician Shiwan. J. Williams is currently focused on his upcoming and anticipated EP due out later on this year.

When contacted by J had this to say “It has been a pleasure to work with my brothers overseas in reminding us Christians that even though sometimes we can get caught up with all of the blessings that God has granted us, without the Most High at the centre of it all not only our possessions but our lives are meaningless. We are vapor.”

‘Vapour’ was also submitted to the January 2016 listing of the UK Christian Chart, which continues to champion collaborations between UK artists and others around the world.

Are you new, upcoming or maybe even already established? From overseas? Worked with anyone in the UK recently? From the UK? Worked with anyone from overseas recently?

Submit your music now and join J. Williams, Marz and Shiwan plus many other talented artists and musicians. Deadline for this months’ entries is 15th January.


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