Upcoming Divine Avenue from The Netherlands drop ‘Get me up’ video

Upcoming gospel group Divine Avenue from The Hague, The Netherlands have just released the official new music video for ‘Get me up’ in which they sing of God being the only One getting through them through their daily life with all the ups and downs. They told us, “That being the reason we sing to Him and keep giving thanks. The song encourages people to sing and dance to the King and mainly tells about the sweetness of His love towards us. This being a strong factor in our lives. Hence the title ‘Get me up’.”

They continued, “Outside of performing at events we focus on singing at homes, cooking and singing for the homeless and performing our music on the street to be more socially active and engaged with the people. Call us singer-songwriters, poets or street musicians!”

Divine Avenue say they are now in a phase of their journey (they call ‘Destined’) in which they are trying to stabilize themselves as artists, build the brand and more importantly: to build bridges.

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