University Gospel Choir of The Year 2023 Finalists Announced

Our event partners UGCY have announced the eight university gospel choirs that secured a place in the hotly contested finals of this year’s 11th annual University Gospel Choir of the Year competition which will take place on Saturday 25th of March at Oasis House, Croydon

The following choirs are shortlisted to compete (listed in alphabetical order):

  • BIMM Birmingham Gospel Choir (BIMM Birmingham Music College)
  • Christ Church Gospel (Canterbury Christ Church University)
  • Durham University Gospel Choir (Durham University)
  • Kent Gospel Choir (University of Kent)
  • KUGC (Keele University)
  • UoB Gospel Choir (University of Birmingham)
  • VOCE Gospel Choir (UCL)
  • Warwick Gospel Choir (Warwick University)

Huge congratulations to all the finalists! The theme this year is “Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” inspired by Job 8:7 NIV. These powerful words hold a promise that our latter days cannot help but be greater than our former days. We believe this to be true not only for all the choirs that are performing on the day but also that everyone in attendance will be touched and inspired to keep reaching out for their goals for 2023 with renewed confidence.

We are looking forward to another exciting event day which will showcase the competing choirs performances from all across the UK. A judging panel will consider the overall performance on the basis of theme, choreography, musicality, arrangement and harmony to mention a few of the key criteria. To add an element of variety, the rules of this year’s UGCY will allow choirs to feature a special guest artist to perform as part of their final set, reflecting the popular practice among contemporary choir groups that release tracks in collaboration with other artists.

University Gospel Choir of the Year was founded in 2011 by Lorraine Wright MBE, and continues to provide a prestigious platform where choirs can develop and showcase their musical ability in a supportive community environment, bridging the gap of geographic location and variety of alumni, while bringing them wider audience engagement. UGCY 2023 is organised in collaboration with us here at AStepFWD, a multi-media platform organisation that curates monthly UK Christian Charts and runs the annual Step FWD Awards, engaging, supporting and empowering music artists across all genres.

As always the event will be full of dancing, laughter and roaring cheers (and a few tears!) with the seasoned Gospel Music experts judging the competition and ultimately deciding which choir will be crowned the 2023 University Gospel Choir of the Year! You don’t want to miss it so BOOK TICKETS TODAY