Unique collaboration in new song ‘The Lord, Our God’ by REVERE

Introducing The Lord, Our God by REVERE. Born from a unique collaboration of four writers representing six different countries during a songwriting camp in Stockholm, Sweden, this song is a testament to the universality of worship and the power of music to bring people together. Unlike many contemporary worship songs that focus on what God does for us or our personal acts of worship, The Lord, Our God centers solely on Jesus. It’s not about what we bring to the table, but about who He is – The Lord, OUR God.

This isn’t a song of possession, but a song of declaration. It’s a proclamation that God isn’t limited to one nation or one people but belongs to all. In a time where unity seems more crucial than ever, this song resonates deeply with REVERE. Their aspiration is to remind the Church that God isn’t ‘my God’ or ‘your God’, but ‘our God’. They hope that this song serves as a rallying cry for unity, urging us to come together in worship of Jesus.

REVERE shares, “When we wrote it we shared it the following night at a worship night in Sweden and it was shocking how quickly people started singing. It was like they already knew it and the old historic cathedral full of people began belting out the words of this song as though it has been born into their DNA.”

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