UK Urban scene is alive and kicking – GLLiveX & A Star Revolutionary Live

Last weekend saw a double hit for the hip hop and grime community with back to back events in Birmingham and London. GL Live hosted their 10th event X with special guests New York based artists Slave Nyth Innings, Richard Dauphin, C.H.R.I.S. at The Drum while London based rapper A Star celebrated his first headline show at the O2 Islington.

Both shows were well attended especially as A Star’s Revolutionary Live sold out over a week before the event. With many other activities on including John Fisher’s Choir Fest UK Tour, Micah Stampley Live and the New Wine, New Songs, Refresh event to name a few, the weekend was lively indeed.

Our friends Vinejuice kept the whole country and overseas fans up to date with the happenings at GL Live X via their live coverage and had this to say;

“GL Live X came back with a BANG! The pioneering event that became known for premiering great urban talent didn’t disappoint. The UK line up was strong from start to finish and the New York rappers Slave Nyth Innings, Richard Dauphin, C.H.R.I.S. just came and shut it down, they were so good. Roger and the rest of the GL360 team should be really proud”.

Following on from Saturday in Birmingham, Sunday night at the O2 London had a fantastic air of expectation, with a lengthy queue and genuine excitement for what was to come. Our friends over at Sound Doctrine wrote an excellent review and we hooked up with Emmanuel of Flockpoint7 who sent us his 4 main observations below from watching the A Star Revolutionary Live show;

1. The new recruits are making a wave.
On the night the opening acts were Jojoey, Melvillous and Hope Dealers. Melvillous is veteran of the scene and Jojoey and Hope Dealers we could say are breakthrough acts over the past year and BOY has there been a breakthrough. All acts were capable of moving the crowd, causing loud roars of cheers and had many repeating their lyrics. The momentum and following will just continue to grow and grow. Expect more rappers, MC’s, poets, singers, creatives…

2. A Star BASICALLY sold out the main room!
Yes it’s true! We were standing at the back and the room was quite full. After selling all tickets to the smaller hall within weeks, A Star revealed he was getting a lot of messages and calls from people wanting to purchase tickets so he hired the larger hall and… Voila!

3. The fellowship on the night was genuine and healthy.
On the night there were so many familiar faces from past and present. We bumped into good friends and acts like Ink Floe, Dennis (founder of Step FWD), GP (Music producer) Serene, Happi, Rudolph (UnashamedTV), yeah the list goes on! This was a great manifestation, to see that all of us can come together to support our brother in making a breakthrough and paving the way for His will to be done here on earth.

4. The future is bright.
There was a moment when all acts got on the stage to bring a grime set including Favour, Sammy G, Guvna B, Presha J, Ejiro, Dwayne Tryumf, to name a few. The range of ages and experience on the stage at that moment very much proved the depth of talent in the scene. It has come a long way. We hope that the growth and confidence continues with the next generation of artists looking to break through this year and in years to come.

Here at aStepFWD we strongly believe the UK is at the start of another fantastic season for music. We have been predicting this from watching the growth in numbers and the increase in creativity and production quality visible in the UK Christian Chart and other initiatives.

This summer looks set to see the biggest and most spectacular movements and we are just happy to be around for such a time…

Special thanks to Lavinia – Vinejuice | Emmanuel – Flockpoint7. Check out their websites!

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