UK Runnings Hip Hop mixtape collaboration – Remnant Chamber Music

UK Runnings recently released the mixtape collaboration titled Remnant Chamber Music by The Praying Mantis (Birmingham); D7 (South London) and Soloman Gehazi (Wolverhampton) and hosted by Tricksta.

The mixtape is inspired by Wu Tang beats throughout and each MC displays their lyrical skills effortlessly with tracks like ‘Listen’, ‘Steelwire Technique’ and ‘Lyrical Prophets’. Remnant Chamber Music is a blend of hard hitting boom bap, biblical rhymes with a gritty street edge.

Soloman, Mantis and D7 have been putting in the work over the last 12 months performing all over the country, warming up for acts like Dead Prez, Jam Baxter, Bronze Nazareth, Ocean Wisdom, Lunar C and many more.

It’s good to know that in the UK Hip Hop underground scene the Gospel is represented. Look out for more releases from these 3 artists real soon but in the meantime go cop that Remnant Chamber Music.

Check out the 12 track mixtape via bandcamp below and support the movement.


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