UK reggae artist Watchman releases new track ‘HUM & HAR’

Watchman is set to release his highly anticipated new single ‘HUM & HAR’ on April 7th, 2023. The single will be available on all major platforms and marks Watchman’s second release of the year. With ‘HUM & HAR’ Watchman explores the concept of inner conflict and the duality of human nature, a theme that is likely to resonate with listeners from all walks of life.

The upcoming single promises to be a fresh and captivating addition to Watchman’s growing body of work, with its unique blend of Reggae and Hip Hop that will keep fans hooked from start to finish. Watchman’s artistry and creativity have earned him critical acclaim and a growing fan base in the music industry. He is known for his ability to blend different musical styles seamlessly, creating a sound that is entirely his own. In addition to his impressive musical talent, Watchman is also known for his thought-provoking views on God, spirituality and the human experience. His upcoming single, ‘HUM & HAR,‘ provides a perfect example of this, as it delves into the question of why GOD does not hum and har.

Watchman, said; “GOD does not Hum and Har because He is at peace with Himself and His creation”. Watchman believes that the conflicts that arise within human beings are a result of our own ego and desires, which lead us away from our true nature and the divine source. (1 Kings 18) Watchman’s new single promises to be a must-listen for anyone looking for thought-provoking music that challenges conventional ideas and provides a fresh perspective on life, God and spirituality.

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