UK rapper Presha-J is back to his grime roots with ‘New One’

After his winter release of his EP ‘The Travellers Guide’ Presha-J kickstarts a new campaign by rewarding his supporters with the sound they originally grew to love him for; GRIME! ‘Back again’ with his rhythmic flow on a 140 bpm production, Presha-J reintroduces himself as the Christian man who grew up loving grime music.

Produced by UK grime legend and Ruff Squad member Prince Rapid, ‘New One’ reminds you of the confidence in Presha-J when he is in his comfort zone. The track artwork gives supporters a subliminal message that a music video is in the works so watch this space!

This is an early warning that Presha-J will be very active in the music scene this year.

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