UK rapper Means is back with ‘Raw Hustle Pt.2’

“Jump in the boat or stay drowning.” That’s a signature line in UK rapper Means’ follow-up track Raw Hustle Pt.2 and as harsh as it may sound to some it is and will be biblical reality. Means points to the realness of street life and uses football analogies to illustrate his message.

When Step FWD got in touch, Means was quick to share why this series of tracks are so a big deal to him. He said, “The message is important for me to share as it is a running theme of the lifestyle I have, being a born again Christian as well as a person who works hard on achieving goals. I want people to be touched and inspired by the hope that I have as they listen to this.”

He went on share, “It’s also important as the name of the series comes from my close frinds who play football and I was inspried by their work ethic and focus on achieving what they have set out to do.”

Loving what you hear? Check out the Hope Dealers artist in Raw Hustle Pt.1 and follow the journey.

O’Neil Dennis