UK Hip Hop artist Jahaziel says he’s left Christianity

Widely considered one of the most talented and innovative Hip Hop artists, in the UK and internationally, Jahaziel has been causing a stir on the music scene for almost a decade. He delivered explosive and hard-hitting rhymes that enable his message to impact any audience. However, all this is now on pause.

Jahaziel created a stir recently when his social media seemed to carry messages that many thought were out of character for the 2008 MOBO Award Best Gospel winner and the double Oasis Awards winner that many have come to know and love. Having interviewed Jahaziel back in 2013 we can say that the passion and zeal behind his ministry was great to behold. It was difficult to not feel drawn to participate and support him as there was a realness that wasn’t as evident in many other artists at the time.

Since then a lot seems to have happened and we are rejoining the conversation without knowing too much of the ins and outs apart from whispers here and there. Attempts to get hold of Jahaziel have also been unfruitful. We did however come across the following update posted on his Facebook page recently:

I need not explain myself to anyone but I feel the need to make a quick statement. A short while ago I turned away from 20 years as a professing Christian. I had a good job with a church organization, a house provided by the church, a large social circle of likeminded people, a career in gospel music, a worldwide fan base, a respected reputation & status within Christian and non Christian circles… Etc

Having left Christianity I may have lost many/all of these things, but what I have is worth more than all of them combined. I have my integrity. When I first joined Christianity I was told ‘you must believe this book is God’s infallible word’… Before I’d even read the book!! How can one decide for themselves whether a book is accurate and true BEFORE they have even read & investigated the book thoroughly?! Anyway… Contrary to many opinions I have met some great people in church and learned some great principles from Christianity/the bible.

These principles however are not exclusive to any religion. I have experienced christianity in literally 100’s of contexts so my perspective on Christianity is quite an informed one. I have met many sincere Christians, both church goers and church leaders, and although I have not seen every one of the 40,000 Christian denominations currently in existence I think I have seen enough to personally make a general conclusion regarding Christianity in the broadest sense.

Now after 20 years of being vocal about the positives of Christian faith I would like to take some time to be equally vocal about the negatives I have found. i.e Christianity and its controlling dictatorship, its historic blood trail, its plagiarized bible stories characters and concepts, the many human errors of the bible and its contradictions, the brutal nature of its God, it’s involvement in the slave trade, the crusades, the inquisition, the witch hunts, it’s second class view of women, it’s masculinization of God, it’s emasculation of men, its financial corruption… You get the drift.

So YES I will go on, and I will not be silent as some have asked – my integrity will not allow me to be so passive against mass corruption. In all love. J

With many messages of support and prayers from friends and fans, no doubt his passion for youth, his inspirational music and great lyrics (not least of all my personal favourite ‘They Don’t Know’) will continue to have an impact way beyond church walls.

Something tells me we haven’t heard the last from Jahaziel. Let’s continue to pray for a brother.

O’Neil Dennis