UK Gospel songwriter Kossi Bruno inspires many with latest track ‘Safe In Your Arms’

Kossi Bruno, a UK Gospel Songwriter, producer and artist, inspires many hearts with his new track, ‘Safe In Your Arms‘. It is no doubt that whenever things get hard, it’s important to know who to run to and seek. Following a difficult and challenging season in the life of the rising star, Kossi Bruno, he decided to express his feelings through music.

It was a period of great ordeal and discouragement. At some point, Kossi couldn’t wait for the following year, because he felt so much pain from that year. However, he began to see a transformation towards the end of the year, and relived the scripture that says the “latter shall be greater than the former“. With such excitement, he wrote the words “There’s no mountain I can’t climb when you’re holding my hand.”

Undoubtedly, Kossi Bruno believes even in this difficult season, the whole world is safe in the arms of God. Download/Stream the single ‘Safe In Your ArmsHERE.