UK Christian Chart September 2019 (List 1) Public Voting Open


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Every month, consistently showcasing the abundance of talent that is right here ‘under our noses’ as we curate the UK Christian Chart – the only national independent music charting system in the UK for both emerging and established Christian & Gospel artists alike. Below you’ll find half of the 37 submissions for September 2019 from new and established talent for you to choose your Top 3. As usual please listen/watch all tracks before you decide.

VOTING DEADLINE: Midnight on Sunday, 29th September 2019 || Already Voted in List 1? – Shortcut to LIST 2


• You only have to register once
• Listen to ALL tracks before you vote by tapping the track name
• Select your Number 1 track from the 1st column, Number 2 track from the 2nd column and Number 3 track from the 3rd column
• Click the vote button at the bottom
• You can only vote once for each track

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