UK Christian Chart January 2020 Submissions

It was so good to take some time off in the month of January to recuperate and get energies going again for the months ahead. Now we have the first UK Chart submissions for 2020 and as always we ensure you miss none of the amazing musical gifts that are right here ‘under our noses’ as we continue to curate the only independent national music charting system in the UK for both emerging and established artists alike.

We are still as excited as ever for our partnership with Compassion UK which aims to see 200 children alleviated from poverty, through sponsorship from caring and kind-hearted individuals such as yourself so sponsor a child today!

All submissions for the Janaury UK Christian Chart are prepped and ready for voting to start soon. You can have the first listen/watch of ALL 44 tracks below!

Closed due to the exceeded votes quota

UK Christian Chart January 2020 Submissions (Click Title To View/Listen)