UK Choir Festival 2024 kicks off this Saturday 24th Feb in Manchester

Since its inception in 2016, the UK Choir Festival has been hailed as “one of the most awe-inspiring choral festivals in the world”. Over 5000 people from over 200 choirs have attended from across the globe, including the UK, United States, India, Iceland, and Ireland, and left with unforgettable memories.

With involvement in the spectacular Music & Arts Global by Donald Lawrence last year AStepFWD continues to be a trailblazer in the UK space, recently announcing a UK Choir Festival partnership for 2024, featuring three exciting events across Manchester, Birmingham, and St Albans.

The UK Choir Festival 2024 season promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Some of the best workshop leaders in the UK will lead workshops and provide expert guidance and inspiration to choirs of all levels and abilities, from vocal technique to blend & balance, performance and movement.

The UK Choir Festival is where choirs learn, develop and perform in a supportive, non-competitive setting. They will also be bringing back their ‘flagship’ event in the wonderful city of St Albans in October 2024 for a weekend of great music-making. All choirs are welcome at the festival which has seen both youth and adult choirs attend from glee clubs and theatre groups to choral societies, barber shops and Acapella choirs.

Producer and Founder Russell Scott says “After the hiatus of the pandemic, we are thrilled to be back in full force again, bringing the UK Choir Festival to more venues, and giving more choirs the opportunity of
learning and working together.”

He continued, “In 2024 we are proud to partner with Rooms4Groups, Chorally and AStepFWD, all of whom contribute to helping and supporting choirs attending the festival and whom we are proud to associate with.”

Tickets for the 2024 season are available, starting at just £30 and can be purchased from the UK Choir Festival website at

Event Date Location
ManchesterSat 24th Feb 2024Manchester High School for Girls
BirminghamSat 1st June 2024Ruddock Performing Arts Centre
St AlbansSat/Sun 19-20th Oct 2024St Albans High School for Girls

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