UK based rapper Kingdom K.i.d released brand new EP “Cross My Heart”

Kingdom K.i.d, also known as Francis Johnson-Beke, is an exciting UK-based rapper and singer. His brand new EP “Cross My Heart” is available now on all music streaming platforms.

The “Cross My Heart” EP charts the story of Jesus Christ in a fresh, new way that is relevant, capturing the minds and hearts of everyone from Millennials to Gen Z. Discover for yourself how a man killed as a criminal 2,000 years ago was blessed with the best comeback in history. Whatever your view of him, Jesus (Yeshua) is still the greatest influencer that has ever lived – try beating 2.3 billion followers down to this day!

When asked about the brand new EP Kingdom Kid says: “If you want a symbol for love it is the cross, not the heart. I’ve found no statement truer than ‘Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends’. And if you doubt that, simply listen to “Cross My Heart” as I’m confident it will silence even the fiercest of critics.“

Each carefully crafted track by Kingdom K.i.d fills you in on JC’s struggle. His haters tried to do “Away with this man” but there was no stopping him. He became a “Living sacrifice”, giving his life for his friends, thereby saving our sorry backsides. His dying words on the cross “It is finished” say it all, at that moment he became a winner, an overcomer, who made history by totally defeating his greatest enemy. He brought us complete freedom, nothing more, nothing less. By his “Resurrection” not only is our future safe, but in any situation or crisis where we cling to the cross for our resurrection, Christ is at our side for our own protection. Who has never “Gone astray”? Show me a perfect man, you will find none; only Jesus Christ. He gave his life so you can enjoy yours. Whenever you may fall, you can get your life back on track, with Jesus leading you to peace through the path of repentance and forgiveness. No sheep is lost on his watch, he is better than any GPS. To have Jesus in your life is the biggest and best upgrade you can get. And if you hold onto him tightly, it’s permanent.

Kingdom K.i.d sees his music as deeply transformative, combining hip-hop beats with powerful lyrics that connect his generation to God in an accessible and relatable way. His long-awaited second EP “Cross My Heart” comes as a preview of his upcoming debut album #Revelation planned for release in July 2022. He was recently given recognition at Texas Gospel Music Excellence awards, International Category, in February 2021. His first EP entitled “VIP for life” was released in 2015 gaining recognition and airplay on national radio stations.

The music and lyrics of Kingdom K.i.d reflect personal experiences of his faith walk. Before turning his full focus to music, Kingdom K.i.d worked in youth ministry as a pastor and teaching in schools. Most recently he was involved with a charity helping men with drug and alcohol addiction. Far from always leading a sheltered Christian life, Kingdom K.i.d has overcome huge challenges of his own in the past, including homelessness. He wants to communicate through this EP in style, that this potentially transforming symbol of the cross lived out, is for daily living and not just for Easter.

Connect with Kingdom K.i.d on Instagram @Kingdomkidmusic || Download/Stream Cross My Heart

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