Tupac, Gangsta Rap and The Essex Gospel Connection

In the peak years of US Gangsta Rap in the 1980’s, to my knowledge it is not on historical record that Ice T or NWA played the Essex coastal town of Southend-on Sea. Further to this, the so-called American East and West coast feuds of Biggie Smalls and Tupac did not spill out into Essex, England.

Gangsta rap became an outlet for Black American disenfranchised youths to express themselves, and groups such as NWA may have been banned by Federal governments, mainstream media and major record companies but their albums sold in the millions to white middle-class kids.

A Southend-on-Sea based Rapper by the name of NAPALM has filtered out the lyrical themes of violence, hypersexuality and drug abuse and maintained the passion and sincerity of the Hip Hop sub genre.

Essex Rapper NAPALM is influenced by the late 1980’s US Gospel Rap group Gospel Gangstaz, who where all former gang members (Album: Do or Die). His British Rap influence is Mobo winner Triple O (Album: Flatline). Jason raps about his life experiences and his faith. A sample of his musical output shows immediately that this craft is designed for both a Christian and mainstream demographic.

2016 will see the emergence of an artist who had the courage to ventured into the dark negative Ghettos of 1980’s Gangsta Rap and emerge with a positive, bright message.

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Steve Alexander Smith
Author: British Black Gospel

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