Triple O is transparent about his personal journey in album “Everything Left Unsaid”

Rapper, father and now husband, Triple-O is a triple threat who does not hold back on hard-hitting topics such as men’s mental health, fatherhood and the black experience. Oluwatobi Oluwatobi-Oyefeso aka Triple O, is a MOBO Award-winning Christian rapper who is a force to be reckoned with. A London native with roots in Nigeria, Triple O has shown time and time again he can be honest about life as a Christian and most recently in this new album titled,Everything Left Unsaid, he shares his experiences as a first time father and being a black male in a society with rising racial tensions.

Triple O’s music career has spanned an impressive 15 years, with his debut album earning him a MOBO Award for Best Gospel act. Now 11 years later, Triple O continues to share the gospel and bring hope to his listeners. When we caught up with him at the StepFWD Awards 2022 Triple O said the album is “Full of life lessons. People can listen to it and be encouraged.”

Triple O teased us with his upcoming album by releasing the single ‘Empathise’. The song’s heavy drum and bass carries an important message where we are called upon to empathise with the stories narrated in the song. It is a wake up call for us to be judgement free to those around us who may be facing challenges such as body dysmorphia, self harm, celibate living and other struggles.

‘Jesus is my King’ was the second single released in the summer. The uplifting and celebratory nature of the song is perfect for your Sunday morning playlist as it draws us to focus on the beauty of Jesus Christ and who he is. Triple O performed the song at one of the largest Christian festivals in the UK – Big Church Festival and it proved to be a hit with the crowd.

As well as his heartfelt messages, Triple O, dubbed the “Lyrical Evangelist” early in his career, is a highly praised lyricist. His work speaks of his fluid bars and smart punchlines, which take influence from the world of grime and 90’s hip hop. Songs from the album like ‘Kingship’, ‘Family affair’ and ‘Rising again’ showcase his highly skilled abilities and wordplay.

We have seen Triple O collaborate with Afrobeats and Dancehall artist Elikem Kofi and DJ/Producer DJ Shunz in the summer favourite tune ‘Chale’. So, it comes as no surprise that we would see some notable features from the likes of Sharyn, Still Shadey, Asha Elia, Becca Folkes and many more renowned UK Christian artists. International artists S.O and Da’T.R.U.T.H. were also collaborators in this album.

Listeners can enjoy the variety of musical styles that Triple O has to offer in his latest project. Songs like ‘Drive’ and ‘Inheritance’ are throwbacks to the popular age of garage and hip hop soul. Whilst tracks like ‘My Life’ and ‘House into a Home’ will become favourites to those who love Afrobeats. Triple O has evolved over time and in recent years has broken through every space and genre, tracks like ‘Glory’ and ‘Time and Season’ are evidence of his assimilation into drill which has risen in popularity in the last decade.

Everything Left Unsaid” is an album close to Triple O’s heart with songs like ‘Inheritance’ posing as an open letter to his daughter. Thus, this album is an audible family heirloom which Triple O has generously shared with the world. He incorporates voice notes and anecdotes from friends who gave him encouragement in his time of need. These voice notes not only highlight the hurdles Triple O was facing at the time, it also showcases how he leaned on his community to get through each season.

Triple O has carefully curated a work of art with every song on this album. We are excited for what is to come and we know Triple O has more to say in his future projects.

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