Triple O – A MOBO Changed My Life..? [UKGospel Interview]


Back in 2011 I was privileged enough to get nominated for a MOBO award, and honestly speaking – I never saw it coming.

Triple O. A respected figure in the UK Gospel circuit, the scriptural rapper discusses the landmark event three years ago.

He describes the prestigious night of his success, the industry doors which were opened (or shut) on account of his victory, the expectations, the disappointments and his opinion of the MOBOs in general.

aStepFWD found the whole article very interesting and have provided a link below for the full interview. We decided to pull the following excerpt below as it is worth a second read.

Is there anything the wider Gospel community can do to support the MOBO Gospel category?

You cannot force people to show interest in that which they have no interest in.

Putting aside the MOBOs, if the community have no interest in UK Gospel Music – they will have no interest in the accolades which celebrate the artists in question.

Now what can be done to generate the interest in which I’m referring to is a whole separate debate in and of itself, one which will fall on both consumers and producers of gospel music alike.

Suggestions I could make off-head
* More UK artists headlining their own shows
* More UK artists and Gospel media putting together well packaged tours
* More of a willingness from consumers to buy the music, encouraging others to follow suit
* Bigger churches signing up to pay out royalty payments
* Collaborative efforts from us all to get UK artists booked abroad, raising the profile and prestige of our scene

Visit UK Gospel for full interview by Henry Yanney
Henry Yanney is a music and content writer, as well as member of the UKGospel team.

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