TRAILBLAZER: Afaron Gordon creates momentum for UK Gospel Industry

Whilst a student of Music Management and Studio Production at Buckinghamshire University, an astute Afaron Gordon found he had naturally positioned himself as the guide amongst his peers, he was the guy supporting other students, musicians, in their career development and personal direction.

A session musician himself, he had grown close to the struggles, both creative and commercial, that artists face in the music industry. More specifically, he had felt the weight gospel artists bear beneath the dichotomy of ‘ministry versus business’. His response: to create a solution – an artist and creative development service – allowing artists both fulfilling and fruitful careers. He founded Momentum.

“As an artist myself, I knew where these artists were coming from, I felt a higher duty to create Momentum”.

The heart of Momentum is Afaron: he understands where the artists are coming from and where they want to go. And so, he aims to cast his net wide. Momentum supports all types of artists, without exception: “if you’re on a stage, then Momentum will support you”. Because, for Afaron, the aim is bigger than music – and bigger than selling product, he says his main concern is “doing work that will benefit winning souls for the Kingdom”. Irrespective of your art, Momentum aims to lay down a long lasting infrastructure, a legacy, that generations to come can build upon.

“I’m always about purpose. This is something God has given me to do – build industry and develop it further”

Momentum’s long-term aim is to create an environment where creative performers and ministers are supported within the community, armed with the resources and facilities to develop a timeless career. Afaron, meanwhile, continues in his mission of “providing solutions to world problems whilst adding value to the people [he] meets along the way”. He now acts as a mentor to other innovators hoping to make a change. Day to day, he runs another music business: holding music workshops and after school clubs in primary schools. Afaron is somebody who understands his path: he has figured out how to stretch his passion to its fullest capacity – fulfilling his God given purpose as a result.

“People have told me that I’ve inspired them and that shocks me because I haven’t reached my destination yet”

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