Top female DJ Naadlox lists 3 reggae tracks for Praise Party #FirstFridays

1. What’s your DJ name?

DJ Naadlox

2. How did you come to be a DJ?

I have been presenting and co-presenting on radio for the past 8 years. Approximately 3 years ago I began the joint venture of Soulcure Radio with DJ Proclaima and I am the Operations Director of the Station. Prior to that I joined Soulcure Sound and started to play alongside DJ Proclaima.

During the past 2 ½ – 3 years I have secured more bookings as a DJ in my own right and that has seen me traveling around the Country, and playing for a number of high profile Gospel Reggae Artistes. My niche is gospel reggae, dancehall and soca but I can play a bit of everything.

3. Tell us a bit about Praise Party and your involvement in it.

Based on all the things I had done previously, I was booked to play at the Praise Party NYE event, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was great to play alongside so many different DJs and Artists across all genres, and see so many people just enjoying themselves in the presence of the Lord. If anyone has anything to praise and celebrate about it should be Christians so my view is that we are taking back this forum to what it should be… Us praising God and having a great time without feeling convicted.

4. What are your favourite tracks at the moment?

That’s a hard choice but here’s a few of my top spinnersPraise Party #FirstFridays Ketch a Fire, More Than a Conqueror & Mighty Healer

Of DJ Naadlox’s top 3 reggae tracks listed below, which is your favourite?

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O’Neil Dennis