TJ Campbell invites you to celebrate new album “More Than Yesterday” this October

This October 6th embark on an unforgettable musical adventure, Immerse yourself in captivating sounds with songs that celebrate faith, resilience, healing, restoration and the power of grace.

This album invites you to bask in the sheer beauty of the Gospel right in the middle of unexpected pain and struggle of life. Each note resonates with the belief that we are loved no matter what we are going through. And reminds the incredible strength we carry within.

“Tracey is a lover of a diverse musical styles the tapestry woven within this album means you WILL hear something you enjoy and even discover something New!!”

Joining Tracey Jane as her guest is the incredible Izo FitzRoy: A blazing force of raw talent and boundless passion, igniting stages with her soulful blues mastery, leaving hearts aflame and spirits uplifted.

Join us, at Hoxton Hall: A mesmerising cultural gem, blending historic charm and modern allure, where artistic brilliance thrives in an intimate and captivating setting. Located in the vibrant heart of Hoxton, it immerses you in a vibrant and creative atmosphere, adding to the magic of every performance.

Get ready to sing, dance, and experience the #gospeljazzsoulclassic that is Tracey Jane Campbell

Tickets available now!