The Spirituals champion identity and hope in Apple Music Home Sessions

To celebrate this year’s Black History Month, Apple Music reached out to a some of UK gospel’s biggest artists (Guvna B, The Spirituals, CalledOut Music, Kingdom Choir, Rachel Kerr) to record the Apple Music Home Sessions.

The Spirituals have blazed a trail in the music industry in the past two years. Their unique vocal stylings and creative interpretations of new and old spiritual songs have won admirers from near and far. This continues as the award-winning choir recorded ‘Wonder’, ‘The Future Starts Now’ and ‘Wade in the Water’ in their session with the music streaming giant.

“These songs speak empowerment, positive affirmations about our identity and hope for the future. They celebrate and champion blackness, its history, the cultures within it and its contribution to the world. These 3 songs suit the energy of The Spirituals, which is full of gifted and powerful young people who walk in an understanding of who they are, who they don’t have to be and how they get to share their treasure in the world.” The Spirituals said.

Stay tuned for further news from the Apple Music Home Sessions. Check out latest from The Spirituals