The one & only Karl Nova asks, will you maintain your A.I.M.

karl nova

Karl Nova dropped his new single A.I.M from the upcoming EP “The Frustrated Artist”. A.I.M in the title of the song is an acronym for the following:

A stands for artistry. This is an art. Perfect your craft. Keep working on your style. Sharpen your skills. Practice. Practice and when you feel like it’s so mundane and pointless practice some more. Study your craft. Observe the greats. Be a student that is forever a student. We only graduate when we leave this earth. Make excellence your watchword…

I stands for industry. The moment you create a product and sell it and you’re involved in a sphere of operation where others are buying and selling you’re in an industry. It would be advisable to approach it professionally right? cross all your Ts and do all you Is. Be on your Ps and Qs. Learn. Study the industry…

M stands for ministry. This is that word that is tossed about in religion and somehow is coded to mean “free” service. Service that you do for free but others do and get big cheques. Money is not the primary aim. I honestly do what I do out of passion and love and in the service of a greater purpose…

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Look out for “The Frustrated Artist EP” dropping soon.
Check out the interview below.


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