The nation still awaits the Noel Conway ‘assisted dying’ High Court decision

As the debate continues in the nation concerning the topic and recent High Court challenge to allow ‘assisted dying’, what are we to do? How are we to think about the subject matter? What would it mean for the future and how do we support those strongly affected by it, including those at risk of abuse in the face of the pending decision?

Last month (video above), Christian Concern stood with Christian Medical Fellowship’s Dr. Peter Saunders, Roger Kiska, Nikki and Merv Kenward and others who spoke up as they demonstrated outside the High Court during Noel Conway’s legal bid for assisted suicide and why we must stand to protect the vulnerable.

Nikki, who was left paralysed for 5 months after she contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome in 1990, campaigns to protect those who would be put at risk, were the law on assisted suicide to be liberalised.

The Guardian reported recently that, Despite the defeat of the assisted dying bill in the UK, support seems to be growing. In the US, Colorado became the sixth state to allow what advocates for death with dignity call “physician-assisted dying”.

As we seek to navigate these difficult issues, let us hold firm to biblical truths and pray for the nation.  Let’s pray for leaders, for those suffering, for organisations like Christian Concern that take these and other issues to the nation day in and day out in view of scriptures. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope for mankind and we as believers hold the hope for all to cling to in a world full of pain.

It does not exempt us totally from pain and troubles in our broken world (Read Hebrews 11, John 16:33) but offers hope, in Yeshua, who will keep us through it all & when we die, will be with him.

Ultimately we hold to the hope of a world restored where there will be no more pain or death! (Read Revelations 21)

While we await the High Court decision with regards to Noel Conway, what are your thoughts on this matter?