The Kingdom Choir spread the message of love in Apple Music Home Sessions

To celebrate Black History month this October, Apple Music recorded exclusive Home Sessions with some of UK Gospel’s biggest acts. These performances have shown excellence all around and we continue today by looking at The Kingdom Choir‘s contribution to this monumental project.

The choir, founded by award-winning conductor Karen Gibson, are in no way short when it comes to the penchant for the spectacular. Their fame has spread across the globe thanks to thrilling performances which included the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. For this Home Sessions they re-imagined Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose’ and original songs ‘Gotta Be’ and ‘Be Alright’. If you were expecting big, you should certainly continue reading to hear about how the session went.

Karen said “For ‘Kiss From a Rose’ we went for that big, sound. Something that could be played in the movie, yet sound like an epic song. Having the Dolby Atmos technology at our fingertips allowed us to think of the choir in a very different way. The closest feel we looked for was a cross between ‘Hello’ by Adele and Hans Zimmer.”

She continued, “We see the beautiful words of ‘Gotta Be’ as a love letter to the younger generations – in our families, communities and even our younger selves. The sentiment of the song is so pure, graceful and powerful.  We tried to stay true to the breezy, easy listening feel of the song but with a bit of a gospel spin on the way out, emphasising the overarching theme of love.”

Click the image below to take a listen to The Kingdom Choir’s session with Apple Music.