Talented OL Music Collective brings back recordings in Love Untold EP

It’s an exciting thing when talented creatives come together but even more spectacular when there is a natural synergy and harmony. This is the case with OL Music and they have the music to prove the point. Check out the tracks from Love Untold to hear some beautiful music, expressing melodies of the heart.

With what started as the motivation to just write some music together to a decision over dinner to re-release tracks that were recorded back in 2014, this may well be the not too common, raw, organic reality on which most truly creative projects are built. The rest as they say is history, and the Love Untold EP, originally recorded in Lucy Grimble’s living room, was bound to create a stir, with such strong songwriters all sitting down together.

The songs from the EP are focused on telling the story of the birth of Jesus from other points of view such as Mary’s and according to Feranmi Oguns, one fourth of the group “the response has been amazing”.

From session drumming for Muyiwa, one of Gospel’s household names; to the outstanding work of his jazz band, The Outlanders in being able to be part of a 26 show tour; and links with MOBO Nominee Femi Temowo and Snarky Puppy to name just two; Feranmi told us that although he has been credited with over 30 projects in the past two years he kind of “fell into the producers role”.

Feranmi also has production credits on a number of Top 10 hits in the UK Christian Chart including Top Newcomers, Kacey Chambers’ ‘Dont Count Me Out’ and Lucy Grimble with her August 2015 #3 track ‘Heartbeats’.

We asked the British Nigerian producer what’s in store for the OL Music collective and he responded, “Success for us is telling great stories that are accurate to us. This amazing dream team just want to make more records that help to shape the planet”.

Looking at the UK music landscape coming out of 2015, we are truly excited about this group of creative talent and can’t wait to see what the guys do next.

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