Tarnya Coley is an award-winning business woman based in Manchester. She is on a mission to teach people to write

During the first month of the pandemic, award-winning businesswoman, Claudine Reid MBE, decided to use some of her time helping

Another familiar fluttering sensation hits the pit of my stomach as I hear of yet another person who has died

Multi-award-winning Gospel Reggae Artiste Minister Taf is known for his music, energetic performances, and catchy hooks. But this time he

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA-oHqdmhBY&feature=youtu.be Zambian vlogger and writer Inonge has something worth viewing. Focusing on faith, millennial life & culture, her vlogs tackles

Roy Francis, a well-known name within Black church circles, has written a new book, ‘How to make Gospel Music Work

The Writer Producer Fund from PRS Foundation offers an opportunity for songwriters and writer-producers working in popular music genres to

In one of his powerful sermons, Bishop T.D. Jakes talked about his disappointment regarding entertainment today, especially the fact that

‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. If you’ve spent any time in Christian circles, I’m sure you will have heard

Award-winning author Annette Hubbell asks the question: “Who should get credit for your good work? And does it matter?” If

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