You might have heard it first at Poets In Autumn – the UK’s top poetry and spoken word event –

LWPT, in collaboration with the Methodist Church, have reprinted popular Bible Month guides Letter of James and Jonah. These 30

Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis (an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the

As Christmas day draws to a close on BBC One, British musician Stormzy will recite a passage from Luke’s Gospel.

Inspired by the Psalms of the Bible and the country music he grew up with, Mark Tedder has recorded a

As previously written, persecution is a real and constant threat for many believers around the world. Many believers live in Zambian vlogger and writer Inonge has something worth viewing. Focusing on faith, millennial life & culture, her vlogs tackles

A recent article at WORLD Magazine reported how the Chinese-language app called “WeDevote” recently surpassed 10 million downloads. That number,

Spoken Gospel – a non-profit, crowdfunded digital media ministry that produces short-form videos to help people see Jesus in every

In this month of July, you can’t help but deal with the topic of the rainbow as many celebrated Pride

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