Stepping FWD; Stepping OUT is Daniel Chand on a mission


For Daniel Chand it all started off without a pulpit, without a certificate and without a shiny suit. It was the love of God that compelled him to pray for people on the streets just as Jesus did and we began to see the sick healed in shopping centres, churches and even in hospitals.

Daniel received Jesus in 2012. In other words, Jesus became real to him as a best friend. His life changed its course of direction at the age of 20 when Daniel was living in London as a student and amateur boxer where he admits to living a life of addictions, violence & negativity. This led to him being arrested and charged, perhaps a necessary prelude to experiencing God’s grace. Just one touch of God’s love flipped Daniel’s and the mess he was in has now become a message, leading to people being healed, encouraged and experiencing an amazing relationship with God.

Daniel afterward enrolled at the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism, and once this was completed, he was compelled, encouraged even more. Very soon after, through his fervour, people were set on fire for God at churches, events and just on a daily basis. Daniel and his team love spreading the Love of Jesus, and His healing touch & Spirit so everyone can be blessed and encouraged. Daniel affirms “If you’re preaching Gods love and grace then you should be attracting sinners. If you don’t preach grace radically, people’s lives will never be radically blessed and radically transformed”.

April 2014 marked the 2 years since Daniel surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and he says he is more on fire than ever before to love the world, spread the Gospel and walk like Jesus did. My God continue to bless as we believe with Daniel that ‘the best is yet to come’.