Step FWD release UK Christian Chart Show Pilot Highlights

Step FWD release video highlights of the UK Christian Chart Show that was filmed a few months ago. The full Chart Show pilot is set to be released in a day or two but even from the highlight video you can see the enormous possibilities birthed through faith and hard work.

Last year the Christian music industry was given a fresh lease of life following the launch of the UK Christian chart. Pioneered by Step FWD, a ministry with a passion to support and promote the UK Christian music industry, the chart has already seen over 500 music submissions in it’s 21 months, reflecting everything from Praise & Worship to Hip Hop, Spoken Word to Soft Rock.

A team of over 100 national & international music experts along with the general public, who have a 60/40 influence respectively on votes, judge the music submissions every month. From this the UK Christian Chart monthly Top 10 is determined. With over 25,000 votes to date, increasing by 20% each month, Step FWD is now looking to take the chart to the next level. The continual advancements in technology have opened doors and new avenues and with this in mind Step FWD’s desire to be innovative pioneers in the industry has called for them to embark on a new project bringing LIVE chart shows to it’s buzzing audience.

Step FWD have a vision to show faith in action. This project is more than just a showcase of Christian UK talent, it’s an opportunity to highlight music as an effective tool for ministry. Step FWD Founder O’Neil Dennis commented, “We are passionate about music and supporting creative talent. We are excited to see a more united UK music scene with a stronger ministry and evangelical tool to the benefit of impacting lives and winning souls”.

Join Step FWD in being part of the change. The task is simple but potentially game-changing.

The talent within the UK’s Christian music industry is undeniable. The key issue many artists face however is that financial opportunities within the sector are drying up. Record labels have less money to take on new talent and many artists now work independently with minimal results. This, along with other factors, has caused the industry to be popularised by its live performances, with less opportunities to showcase recorded material. The introduction of the UK Christian Music Charts in 2014 and the planned Live Charts has and will be a driving force behind changing this.

Music is a powerful tool in spreading the Gospel and building the Kingdom, particularly with the younger generation. If you have a passion and desire to not only celebrate Christian music but expand and grow its reach, now is your chance to join Step FWD in being part of the change. Over in the US Christian and Gospel music already accounts for over 7% of recorded music sales, with a whopping 26 million albums sold in 2013. The possibilities are limitless for United Kingdom, the world’s 3rd biggest music market without even mentioning Europe.

The launch of the Live Charts has the potential to transform the UK Christian music scene and catch the attention of the Worldwide Web’s international audience. If you believe in this industry and the need to utilise technological advancements to move it forward, then join Step FWD and be part of the movement that takes the UK Christian music scene to the next level.

The above highlight video shows what we were able to do off our own back with just hands and hearts united and no budget. Imagine the possibilities with your financial support as a business sponsor, monthly donor or generous friend!

Lets take a step forward, together, and make 2016 a defining year for UK Christian music. Please see our bank details below. Feel free to get in touch with us as well on
A Step FWD | Metro Bank
Account No: 12605797
Sort Code: 23-05-80


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