Step FWD in Faith – the BEST summer EVER is about to happen!


Prayer groups, fellowship sessions, daily encouragements, networking, witnessing, evangelizing, preaching, music releases, poetry jams, gigs, concerts, conferences, seminars…are you involved in any of these? Get in touch and share your story.

We are believing God for a revival in the UK and the awesome news is that we also believe it has already started. This summer is going to be the best ever for His children. This year will see a mighty movement of especially young adults giving their lives to Him that will leave even the most faithful Christians in awe at the power and might of Him who is greater.

Do you believe? Are you willing to be used by Him? Body, mind and soul? Are you ready to give Him everything you are? Everything you hope to be? Are you ready to let Him have complete control in your life? Will you say yes?

We absolutely love this video from Jesus Culture (we are massive fans too) and identify wholeheartedly with the messages relayed. Step FWD says YES! We want to be used totally by Him. Will you say yes?

Work with us and put your faith into action!