Step FWD – David Keigh Interview

David Elfer Kiaku better known by his stage name David Keigh; pronounced K or KAY, is a Christian, Recording Rap Artist, Student, Dancer, Graphic Designer, BEFFTA & Urban Music Award nominee, formerly known as Faith D. What makes David stand out is his character, lyrical content and his energetic stage performances.

David Keigh was brought up in a Christian household but didn’t take his faith seriously. Since the age of 13, David has been recording & making music at the youth club he used to attend in Hayes, South London. When he attended college he met producer Sulyaman which caused the pair to team up and work together. However, at the age of 16 an incident occurred which nearly led David to being stabbed and this incident gradually led him to becoming a committed Christian accepting Jesus Christ has his personal Lord & Savior. Ever since then David Keigh’s life & musical direction has taken a positive turn influencing youths and making a difference within his community. He is now a youth leader at Grace Community Baptist Church in South East London where he regularly attends every week.

David sees himself as a present & future role model within especially the UK music industry by upholding his christian values. He is now set to release his forthcoming album later on in the year.

Check out the interview of this talented and energetic Christian artist and be sure to download his new single ‘Breakthrough’ for free here You can also follow him here.