Soulful songstress EzRiella drops timely debut EP “Perfect Timing”

Ezriella is a London-based storyteller, singer-songwriter and producer, focused on authentic lyrical expression and sharing hope. Within the last year, Ezriella has blessed the Christian music scene with her eclectic yet beautiful sound. In 2020 she released her much loved single ‘No Worries’ which continues to warm and encourage the hearts of many listeners.

Each song on the “Perfect Timing” EP is a masterpiece that takes you on a journey of hope, joy, redemption and faith. She has an exceptional ability to blend a plethora of various styles of music whilst simultaneously lyrically pointing the world to Christ. 

Inspired by many creatives in the R&B, Soul, Jazz and Contemporary Gospel sphere, Ezriella’s goal is to share hope through song.

The beautiful EP “Perfect Timing” is available now on all digital platforms.

Connect with Ezriella on Instagram @ezriella