Soul-infused new single introduces new horizons for Sarah Kroger

Nashville-based worship leader Sarah Kroger releases a new single with a soulful version of ‘What A Wonderful World’. The song a statement as to what can be expected from Kroger’s newest creative exploration as she gears up to a new EP early in the new year. ‘What A Wonderful World’, despite not being a standard church song, is full of the artist’s love for Christ and his endless beauty expressed through her sweet and crisp vocals gliding a stunning stripped-back soundscape.

Though not being labelled as a worship song, ‘What A Wonderful World’ is an articulation of the human experience in which people from all backgrounds, be they religious or not, can hopefully recognize themselves. The new single is a song of hope and wonder through which Kroger desires to encourage people on their personal journey. Her upcoming project is a “meeting of the streams” moment where every song speaks to where the singer-songwriter has been, but also to where she is and is going.

Kroger’s new version of this classic reinforces her heart to serve the Global Church with songs to sing over people, while providing a musical balm that challenges, uplifts, encourages, and comforts all who hear. Click image below to download/stream What A Wonderful World.

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