Songwriters from Vineyard Worship and Integrity Music deliver in “Sacred Space”

Over the last few years, throughout the sometimes hopeful, sometimes turbulent months, Vineyard Worship and Integrity Music songwriters from the USA and UK & Ireland responded with new songs that remind us that we are continually invited into a sacred space with our Living God. Despite our news feeds and the noise swirling around us, Vineyard Worship’s latest release, “Sacred Space“, captures the soundtrack of the Vineyard and Integrity creative community and chronicles a faithful worship journey through this ever-changing landscape of the world around us. ‘Thin Place’ – written by Adam Russell, Casey Corum (Vineyard Worship) and Taylor Leonhardt (Integrity Music) anchors the central theme of the record:

This is a thin place

This is where You meet with us

This is sacred space

This is where You meet with us

Holy ground, we are standing on holy ground

Just by being here with You

Featuring an eclectic list of tracks that draw from a diverse range of projects (including Vineyard Soul: The Chicago Sessions and LoFi Vineyard), this compelling collection of songs highlight voices from around the Vineyard movement and also draw from the Integrity Music family. Deana Jay, Ryan Delmore, Taylor Leonhardt, Tina Colón Williams, Joshua Miller, Marc James, Cathy Burton, Rich Dicas and newcomers Tiadra Mickels, Chloe Edmonds and Olu Meduyoe lend their incredible voices to Sacred Space“, available everywhere now.