Singer-songwriter & worship leader Loulita Gill releases new ‘Grace and Mercy’

Singer-songwriter and worship leader Loulita Gill has now released ‘Grace and Mercy’ – the first single from her upcoming worship album, which is out this November. Loulita told us, “I wrote this song when I was very broken. It was the end of 2019. I sat at my piano and poured out my heart in worship.”

She continued, “Very often I press record on my phone because I know it’s during those times that God gives me new songs and I don’t want to miss them. As I worshipped, out came the start of Grace and Mercy. I had written a lot of the song but I knew it wasn’t finished. So I sent it to my friend in Nashville, Jeremy Neely (in the demo I’m sobbing at one point), and he listened to it. He said he would love to help me add another verse and bridge. So we did.

This song reminds me that God accepts every offering of worship, even ones of brokenness. That day, all I had to give God was my wounded heart. And He poured out His love, His grace and His mercy over me.

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