Si Knightly releases freestyle celebrating 17 years as a Christian

UK gospel rapper Si Knightly finishes 2022 with the release of a personal testimony to God’s love and leading in his life, in new single, ’17’.

Reflecting on Si’s seventeen years as a Christian, ’17’ tells the hopeful story of God’s grace and power in saving and sustaining his people, through faith, as they journey through life. Si engages listeners with his personal faith story, drawing them into his own journey as a follower of Jesus, before leading them I into the greatest story itself – the good news of Christ crucified.

From life before knowing Christ, to life as a believer now, and looking ahead to the future, Si’s transparent testimony gives hope to listeners, as he shares his experience of God’s unfailing love and life transforming power.

Set to an emotional grime beat composed by widely respected UK producer Westy, ’17’ boasts haunting electronic riffs and vocal samples, complimented by an energetic drumbeat and deep bassline. Known for his rhythmic rap flows on beats at 140 BPM, Si’s deep theological lyricism, trademark multi-syllable rhyming and artistic vulnerability once again combine to create a powerful and memorable track.

Si Knightly is a rapper, spoken word artist and songwriter. He works full-time as an urban missionary team leader for London City Mission, partnering with local churches to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those least likely to hear it. He serves on the leadership team of his local church, Redeemer Croydon. Si started following Jesus at 23, when everything changed for him. He is passionate about living for Christ and sharing the gospel – the greatest story ever known – through word and through music. Download/stream 17 or via Spotify below.