Si Knightly drops brand new music titled ‘Good Shepherd’

UK gospel rapper, spoken word artist and songwriter Si Knightly releases his first track of 2023, with the uplifting ‘Good Shepherd’. In an exciting UK-US collaboration, Si teams up with talented gospel lyricist Knick Knack to reflect on life’s journey as a Christian.

Inspired by Jesus’ famous words in John’s gospel and the renowned Psalm 23, Good Shepherd celebrates God’s promises in Christ, and affirms his ongoing presence and faithful provision in every season.

Complemented by Knick Knack’s transparent testimony, Si’s rhyming depicts a Saviour who leads, protects and comforts all those who trust in him, as they navigate life’s different paths. Si engages listeners with hope, drawing them into his own journey as a follower of Jesus, before building up to the chorus to proclaim the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Set to an alternative rap beat composed by US producer Atrade, Good Shepherd boasts melodic keyboard riffs and vocal samples, accompanied by electronic pads and an infectious drumbeat. Si’s deep theological lyricism, powerful cadence and trademark multi-syllable rhyming once again combine to create a compelling and memorable track.