Should Young Christians Get Involved in Politics?

As a 19 year old Christian Rapper studying Politics & Sociology at university, I often find that my political views and opinions concerning societal issues are largely shaped by my faith.

Nevertheless, although stereotypes concerning young people’s lack of interest in politics have dissipated to some extent, I find that views which disparage the relationship between faith and politics are as popular as ever with remarks such as ‘politics and religion don’t mix’, being commonplace.

I’d argue that politics and faith have always been intertwined. Since antiquity, faith has been a huge influencer of people’s worldviews.

This remains especially true today, at a time in which young people experience the effects of tensions between ardent, religious fundamentalists & staunch, liberal secularists and a time in which the rise of an increasingly powerful EU & the centralization of power this involves, conjures up conspiracies concerning a possible ‘New World Order’ and the coming of the ‘Antichrist’ amongst some.

What do you think? Do young Christians need to get involved in politics as a means of representing Christ and promoting biblical principles in an increasingly secular world?

Or is political engagement merely a distraction from the ultimate mission of spreading the gospel?

Michael Folayan
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