Sho Baraka unveils ‘Pedantic’ (Studio Performance) off The Narrative EP

On his return to music, Sho Baraka signed to Humble Beast and released a studio performance of his new song ‘Pedantic‘ off “The Narrative, Vol. 2: Pianos & Politics – EP” a powerful musical documenting of events in American history affecting African-Americans.

The Founder Of Forth District and partner in the AND Campaign, Sho Baraka’s new album continues his trajectory of addressing socio-political issues from his perspective through a biblical worldview.

Sho’s ‘Pedantic‘ single follows suit in the direction of live music, of which Humble Beast does extremely well and is seemingly heading towards more and more, albeit with the release of Propaganda’s ‘Crooked‘ album. Jackie Hill Perry is also noted to have stated she will be using more live instrumentation in her next project.

With clever wordplays, comedic tones & constant creative approaches a storyteller like Sho is an emcee to follow.

Sho’s music resonates Dr Carl Elli’s words in an interview with Blackras in 2014:

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