Shimon Atunde follows UKCC No.1 Afrobeat track with new ‘First Love’ ft. Rae Rae

Following up his No.1 Afrobeat ‘Take Over’ track in the January 2022 UK Christian Charts, independent artist Shimon Atunde has released his new single First Love featuring Rae Rae. ‘First Love’ is a song about that true, complete love, we all had for God when we were first saved. It’s about returning to that in the face of all the other things that vie for our attention.

The song was inspired by Shimon’s realisation that he was infatuated with someone to the detriment of his love for God. That realisation in the place of worship birthed this simple yet powerful song. The song was written alongside HFP music artist Rae Rae who is forging her way in the music industry through songs of God’s faithfulness, love, and grace. Rae Rae and Shimon’s hope for this song is encapsulated in Revelations 2:4-5, a charge by Jesus to the church to remember their ‘First Love‘. Their prayer is that everyone who listens to this song is reminded of their “First Love”, their“First Lovebeing Jesus.

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