Sherwin Gardner strikes a viral note with Afrobeat ‘Blessings Find Me’

One of the Caribbean’s premier music men, Sherwin Gardner, has gone viral on a global scale. He’s trending throughout the Caribbean, the United States, Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, Western Europe, Canada, Indonesia, Venezuela and even the Philippines. A snippet of the Trinidad and Tobago native’s new release, ‘Blessings Find Me‘ has sparked an astounding 80+ Million streams in two weeks mainly on TikTok and igniting on Instagram as well. 

“I created a short song of affirmation for a New Year’s Day post to set goals for what I desire in the new year,” Gardner says. “When I posted the video, I was thinking 100 people might like it. The next day, I woke up to over 100,000 views.  Now, it’s in the tens of millions on TikTok and Instagram.  It’s totally unexpected and I’m so grateful for the answered prayers.”

The attention is incredible. In the last week, executives from a dozen major recording entities (including Sony Music, and Island Records and Universal Music) all reached out and wanted the song, but Gardner didn’t even have a full song to offer.

Gardner rushed into his Bahamian studio to make a full track. Then, he emailed it to Julius Nana, a Kenyan musician, to arrange. After Nana emailed his parts,  Gardner went to work at a feverish pace. He cut the lead vocals, sang his own background vocals, added other atmospherics, and mixed it down himself.   

The viral smash finally hit all major digital music platforms worldwide on Friday, January 19th via Gardner’s Flow Masters Records joint venture deal with Tyscot Records which is distributed by GoDigiPath /ADA Worldwide (ADA Worldwide, a Warner Music Group company).  Further, the song’s ASCAP publishers are administered by Tyscot Publishing c/o Warner Chappell Music.  All forces are uniting to roll out a massive global marketing effort to support the release.  It will include strategies to build the veteran artist’s brand with potential synchronization opportunities, alternate mixes of the song, and collaborations with other artists.

The inspiring, mid-tempo vibes nicely with similar tracks by Afrobeat artists such as Tyla, Victor Thompson, Omah Lay and Limoblaze. Gardner has also gained famous new fans such as New Jack Swing legend, Teddy Riley.  The co-founder of R&B/Hip-Hop bands, Guy and Blackstreet, posted the snippet on his  Instagram page. “[Brother Sherwin,] you’ve created this amazing [song] that I have on repeat and play to remind me that there’s nothing impossible when God’s got your back,” he wrote. “I just want to thank you and share your song with my IG friends…” Fashion model, Tia Magno-Wallen, posted that, “This song brought tears to my eyes.”

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