Sharon Grifty releases new single ‘Lean On You’ on Homegrown Worship

Sharon Gifty releases her new single ‘Lean On Me’ a song of encouragement. Sharon has had a passion and talent for music from a young age and her experience includes co-directing a university gospel choir, leading as part of a church worship team and assisting in choir leadership. To date, she has released two solo projects: an album and an EP. Sharon Gifty’s mission is to encourage Christians who are feeling overwhelmed, not feeling good enough or are anxious about the future.

‘Never agreed to carry this load..’ That is how I felt. Multiple family illnesses, financial worries, Covid 19, marital strain…..all seemed to hit at once. I didn’t expect this or agree to it but as we all know, life doesn’t ask us. Things just happen. 

I can relate somewhat to David in the bible. Sometimes his Psalms can start off with such a mournful tone but then it changes. His words go from despair to hope and as I put pen to paper, that is how I felt. Hopeful. God reminded me that HE is strongest in my weakness. I just have to lean on Him. I just have to stop trying to do things in my own strength.

I’m still leaning on Him. Some things are better now, some things are still a work in progress. I’m looking back and reminding myself of all the times God has come through before and because of that, I know He will come through again. 

God is solid. Firm. Unlike the rest of life that can change and feel unsteady,  I can lean on God knowing He won’t move; he won’t let me fall. 

You can lean on Him too.

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