Selah release 3rd int’l series single ‘So Beautiful (Sungguh Indah)’ – Indonesia

Selah‘s legacy has always been about both an international story and a large global following. Having toured all over the world, they are now telling that story in a new and unique way. The band released two singles celebrating various cultures and what God is doing around the globe in 2021; ‘One Name (Ek Naam)’ from India and ‘Glory Hallelujah (Glória Aleluia)’ from Brazil.

Their third release in this series, ‘So Beautiful (Sungguh Indah), written by Indonesian songwriter Raguel Lewi, has been a blessing to the Indonesian Church the last few years, proclaiming the beauty of God’s love. The new single is filled with a sense of peace and boasts a soothing melody and a vintage feel. ‘So Beautiful (Sungguh Indah)’ is part of an upcoming project of original worship songs from around the world translated into English for the first time. 

Selah will be sharing the stories of the writers and why the message of these songs is larger than any nation or language could contain! Click the image below to download or stream.