Scotland’s future Worship Leader releases debut EP “Higher Ground”

We first came across Sam Hibbard back when he was 17 years old and starting out as a musician and songwriter. We had named him as one of Scotland’s Future Worship Leaders in our ongoing quest to identify and showcase youth talent from across the UK and beyond.

Sam has since been putting a lot of work in and we are extremely proud of his achievements.

With his debut EP “Higher Ground” just released this Friday 25th August he explained, “Throughout 2016 I had a sense of urgency to refine and finish songs that were on my heart. In early 2017 I felt it was time to do something with these songs and share them with people. I took a step of faith and began pulling in people and resources to make this happen. After communicating the vision with these people the hard work began. After a few months of grafting, I felt it was time to engage people on this journey. I knew God would provide for me but I didn’t quite know how. Soon enough God sparked the idea of crowdfunding. The concept felt right and seemed to fit well with where I was at. I launched the crowdfunding campaign and in just two weeks £3,100 was raised and this soon launched the project forward. This gave me complete creative freedom. I didn’t have the worry of money, I could focus solely on the creative aspect and getting it to the place I felt it was meant to go. The refining process of the songs really came out of my journey with Worship Central Academy. I was blessed to get a mentor for the year that had a huge passion for songwriting and this pushed me to a new depth with my own songwriting.”

Sam continued, “After a successful campaign of crowdfunding and months of hard graft pulling everything together. I can finally share these songs with the world. I was privileged to work with some amazing people that helped take my music to the next level that I couldn’t have done on my own. I really sense that this is just the beginning for the more. I’m still yet to learn so much and discover new levels to songwriting and the creative journey of making a record. I am SO looking forward to playing these songs live and hopefully integrating them in worship sets.”

“I thank God for the opportunity to even make a record, to work with some amazing people throughout the process and for his grace that made it easy. It was in his strength, not my own, that I saw this project through to completion”, Sam concluded.

Purchase Sam Hibbard’s “Higher Ground” EP now on iTunes or stream on Spotify