Multi-award winning Sarah Téibo releases show-stopping music video ‘Keep The Faith’

It has been an incredible year for one of UK Gospel’s most prevalent female vocalists; Sarah Téibo, who started off the year with a sold out gig at London’s world-renowned Hard Rock Café. She has continued touring the country performing songs from her award winning album, “Walk With Me”, and now releases her 4th official music video for the song ‘Keep The Faith’.

The track produced by GKID and featuring MOBO award winner Triple O and Gospel sensation Israel Allen, was directed by artistic genius Jax Luther. With its futuristic sci-fi theme and visual creativity, Keep The Faith is sure to be popular on the video-sharing websites.

The song explores the story of a trying period of Sarah’s personal life, during which she was battling depression following a series of miscarriages.“The physical and psychological pain of losing something so precious as an unborn child was one I was unprepared for and one which sent me down spirals of depression. In what was one of the darkest points in my life, I questioned God. I questioned everything I’d ever learnt about faith.”

It was later, after Sarah went on to have a successful pregnancy that she wrote ‘Keep The Faith’.

‘Sarah continues taking a creative path with her visuals on this project’ – UKGospel

‘Stunning visuals as Sarah channels her inner Princess Leah. If Star Wars is a ‘Space Opera’ then be prepared for ‘Space Gospel!’ – OneManInTheMiddle

Sarah’s award-winning debut album ‘Walk With Me’, which features the song ‘Keep The Faith’ is available now for download on: iTunes | Amazon | Google Play |