Sarah Téibo releases new music after 3-year hiatus and cancer scare

After an almost three-year hiatus since her last studio album “Restored” released in 2021, Sarah Téibo recently returned with new music – ‘All Clear’ – an energetic pseudo-pop track, is the first single from Sarah Téibo’s upcoming EP – “Human Like Me”. Written just three weeks after major surgery following her Thyroid Cancer diagnosis, this uptempo inspirational song with its catchy hook and unforgettable melody captures that feeling of triumph that comes from the very first line – ‘it’s gonna be ok!’ Sarah joins forces co-writing this song with prolific songwriter Nick Herbs and producer Fez, who also lends his production genius to the entire EP.

“Everything really came to a head on the 17th of April 2023 when I received what is probably the most dreaded news anyone could ever be handed – ‘you have thyroid cancer’. I went down a real mental spiral, as I struggled to accept the diagnosis…”, Sarah recounts on a recent blog post where she talks about her experience and journey to recovery at length. All Clear is available now for streaming and download from all digital music platforms.

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