Sarah Téibo releases LoFi remix of Afrobeats Chart-topper ‘Belongs To You’

This relaxing Lofi remix of Sarah Téibo’s UK Christian Charts #1 track – ‘Belongs To You’ – released on 29th July and produced in the UK by Tania Ilyashova, is the final addition to the multi-genre remix collection which completes the Remix Pack available to stream now.

Sarah started the year with the release of the EDM Remix which featured Brazillian songbird Paola Carla and Nigerian EDM Producer extraordinaire Sigag Lauren. This was quickly followed by the Amapiano remix which was truly an international track, featuring Canadian singer Kojo Dave, South African beats maker KD Summerz and foremost UK DJ/ Producer DJ Shunz. The Amapiano remix recently topped the UK Christian Afrobeats Chart at #2.  

On the third remix, Sarah collaborated with an artist form the talent-rich country Nigeria for the first time, as listeners were treated to the wonderfully dulcet voice of MOBO-nominated singer DavidB. She was also joined by Rae Rae, a Gospel singer-songwriter from London who graced the record with her beautifully soft tones, tying all the harmonies masterfully together.

‘This entire project has to be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking ones I’ve ever done, because I’m taking one song, reimagining it and then recreating it through the lens of different musical styles’, said the London-based singer who is well known for her unique ability to artfully combine soulful gospel and heartfelt worship music into a stirring yet uplifting sound. 

In addition to the aforementioned genres, the remix pack also comes with an instrumental version for fans to sing along to Karaoke-style

The “Belongs to You” Remix Pack is available now for streaming and download from today!