Sarah Nathalié releases new single ‘pillow soft’ on BLSSD Music

The latest single ‘pillow soft’ from Sarah Nathalié is out now on BLSSD Music YouTube channel. “This song is about receiving healing, mercy and restoration!! It’s about way Jesus takes our self-centered, opinionated heart, so infected with sin, and redeems it through His blood on the cross so that all who trust in Him can receive the Holy Spirit, eternal life, new will, purpose, and a holy fear of God. Personally, Jesus has saved my heart from becoming hardened, bitter and unrecognizable after hurting. I pray for all of us, that even in this crazy blue world.. our hearts will soften more and more. That we be filled with compassion and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name! Pillow soft, a healing anthem for you!!~! xo ♡” says Sarah.

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